Driveway & Patio Cleaning

Did you know?

There are 2 main types of cleaning, power washing and soft washing.

Power Washing is ideal for concrete and block paving surfaces, while Soft Washing is best for surfaces like sand stone, Indian stone and roofs.

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What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing alone is not effective enough in most cases, a treatment for moss, algae, lichens firstly is usually advised and would always be explained in the quote you receive from us.  That’s why we urge all potential customers to ask for a like for like quote before considering the pricing. Pressure washing alone will spread moss spores and create a greener area shortly afterwards.

Killing algae, moss spores and lichen doesn’t happen over night.  It can take 7-28days, whilst treating roofs, the soft washing process to kill everything off usually takes 9-12 months, so planning ahead is urged for best results.

We offer a 6-monthly maintenance programme where we can re-treat your horizontal surfaces with a chemical that keeps all moss, algae and lichen at bay meaning your surfaces stay clean for longer. Just because you cant see something doesn’t mean the roots aren’t there hidden below the surface.

Sodium Hypochlorite (Hypo), which most exterior cleaners are quick to splash down, will actually feed organic matter instead of killing it and that’s why we urge a pre-treatment for best results. (Please check this when gaining quotes).

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a chemical alternative to pressure washing, used on many surfaces that wouldn’t benefit from high pressure. Sandstone, limestone, and general surfaces like roof tiles would always be considered for soft washing. Sandstone, limestone and similar stone would scar from high pressure and we would always strongly advise against pressure washing these surfaces.

A chemical application from a soft wash technician is the safest way to treat and clean these surfaces allowing the chemical to penetrate the stone/surface lifting all dirt from within the area.

Here at Drivezruz we have invested in a hot box, capable of steam cleaning reaching between 70° and 150°.

This allows us to use a lower pressure when cleaning.

What’s involved and included?

  1. If a pre-treatment is involved we will begin with this some weeks prior to starting the cleaning process.
  2. On the day the area will be given a clean to get the surface dirt removed first.
  3. Having identified the surface we will use the correct cleaning method and the correct chemicals. Pet safe options are available upon request.
  4. The surface area will then be rinsed of the chemicals before a final clean going over every inch to ensure it’s fully cleaned.
  5. If needed we will re-sand the area then clean any surfaces affected by the cleaning, such as windows, doors or garage doors using our window cleaning fresh water system.

Why choose Drivezruz exterior cleaning services?

Our staff are qualified city and guilds technicians for soft washing. We hold the relevant insurance, training, qualification, and knowledge of health and safety, chemicals, and application of chemicals.