4 weekly or one-off cleans are the only available options, due to the time, effort and water usage all first cleans and one off cleans are a charge of £7 then just £3.50 per 4 weeks should you opt for a regular service.  If after a one-off you wish to use our services on a 4 weekly basis please let us know within the next 4 weeks to ensure you don’t pay another one-off clean charge next time around.


Only online or advanced payments during cleaning are accepted by us at Binzruz Ltd. We prefer direct debit as it encourages cash flow and ensures customers’ accounts are all up to date, with this, we hope we don’t have to increase our prices for a while. Deals are available via our website too. In addition, we take a cheque (minimum £21) ask for details of where to send this, or you can pay by card (minimum £7) when we are cleaning your bin. We work tirelessly to bring you the best service, all we ask is that you make a conscious effort to keep your account up to date using one of the 6 payment methods we have available.

When Wouldn’t My Bin Be Cleaned?

Staff holiday, illness or reshuffle of rounds due to certain circumstances would be the only time we couldn’t clean your bin.  However, if after cleaning your bin the bill has reached £10.50 owed or we feel there’s no effort made from the customer to settle the bill, this may result in a temporary suspension of the customer account until the debt is settled. If our records also show your bin has ‘been away’ constantly or ‘requested to miss’ or even ‘Bin full’ 4 or more times within a 12 month period, we may again suspend your account.  The reason for this is due to a high demand we often have to turn customers away as we are too busy, therefore we must ensure the customers on our round receive our service 90% of the time.  With a text reminder service available, there’s a convenient way to know when we are coming (to opt into our free text service simply text 07771332807 and ask for your number to be added to your text reminder service).

Staff promise

As an employer we have a duty of care to our staff ensuring they work in the best conditions we can offer them and they remain safe at all times.  Due to this any loose dog/animal waste in a bin will result in the bin clean being refused and can lead to potential suspension of the account.  In addition, abuse or aggression to our staff will instantly result in suspension of the customer’s account, we treat our customers with the utmost respect and expect the same in return.  If you feel our staff acted unprofessionally you can click the staff feedback tab and leave anonymous feedback (only management can see) which will be dealt with accordingly.

Contacting Us

We prefer email or texts due to being busy during working hours, in and out of the office all day.  An email/text allows us to catch up faster and easier.

Cancelling Your Service

If you wish to cancel for any reason, or you move out simply send us a message, rather than let us clean a bin that we won’t get paid for.  We ask for basic respect in return for our service, and by sending us a text your saving us a lot of time and money.