Pay via Bank Transfer

To pay manually, enter the following bank details:



SORT CODE: 30 90 49

If you aren’t already a customer please ensure you book a clean first by clicking here and we will be in touch if we can provide our service to you.


  • Reference the payment with the 1st line of your address (Bin Clean, Binzruz or Bin Payment are no indication of who has paid and will be ignored, this means you might still get asked to make payment again!)
  • Pay within 48 hours of having your bin cleaned (or in advance if this is your initial clean)
  • Pay the amount as stated on the card (i.e. if you owe £8, don’t just pay £4)

Pay via Debit/Credit Card

  • Due to service costs when taking payments through the website, we have removed the £4 option.  To pay £4 please pay via bank transfer, GoCardless or via cash during your clean.
  • Note: APPLE PAY is not accepted on the site.  It is turned off on our end so will 100% not go through despite the tick that pops up.

Don’t worry, we still have offers, available for new and existing customers, click the button below to go to the offers page!

Pay via GoCardless Direct Debit

Set up a simple Direct Debit where the money is only processed after the clean.  If your bin isn’t cleaned no money is taken from your account.  This makes it easier and more manageable than having to login to your bank account.  You receive an email before any money is taken to keep you up to date

  1. No contract
  2. Only pay when your bin gets cleaned
  3. Receive an email when you are being charged
  4. Secure & Safe and used Nationwide by schools