The Binzruz Team – 2021

Ryan Leslie

Binzruz Owner

DOB: 27/12/1990
Interests: Football, business management, golf
Goals for Binzruz: To sell franchises and machines nationwide & expand North East coverage.

Initially I wanted to be a fire fighter, but circumstances meant I chose to leave my current employment as a tyre fitter to join a bin cleaning company. At the time I wasn't even aware bins got cleaned but having only worked for this bin cleaning company for 3 months I quickly realised the demand for the service, ways I would improve the running of the business and ways to improve the equipment.

I've been fortunate to have been given leading roles in previous employment from a young age, so, even at 22 when I started Binzruz, the challenge excited me rather than phase me. I think, for me, the reason to set up the business was the potential of what I knew could be achieved, the challenge and the knowing that every day would be different. For me enjoying I do is important. I feel I've taken everything in my stride and I'm proud of what is achieved every year both individually and as a team.

Drivezruz was formed due to the demand from many commercial customers requesting their bin stores cleaned and sanitized, then domestic customers started to make enquiries too.

Like our growth at Binzruz we rapidly expanded going from pressure washing, to soft washing, cleaning driveways, patios, roofs as well as clearing and cleaning facias and gutters. We have attended several training courses to expand our knowledge.

We continue to expand our services and are proud that our reputation at both Binzruz and Drivezruz continue to grow together across Teesside & North Yorkshire.

Dan Orchard

Binzruz Employee

DOB: 03/04/1992
Interests: Football, Cricket & Golf
Goals for Binzruz: To assist Ryan to help the company grow and help expand to cover all areas of North Yorkshire and beyond. Also, to help binzruz become a well known company and to have my own office.

I chose to join Binzruz after speaking to Ryan. Nothing was sugar coated which I liked. Also, I could see from Ryan it wasn't just a get rich quick job. He takes pride in the work we do and we have very similar goals when it comes to business.

In my opinion, we are different because we are professional. People may think 'its only cleaning bins' but to us it goes much further.  We pride ourselves on cleaning bins and our customer care.

We care about expanding the business growth. Not content to clean the same bins month after month, we always want to take it to the next level unlike many of our competitors

Hopefully a bigger office/unit. I will have my own office and we will have expanded to cover a wider area of not just North Yorkshire but the United Kingdom. I want us to be the known company when it comes to bin cleaning. No matter if it's London or a little village somewhere in the dales.

All I will say is take the plunge. The back up you will receive from both Ryan and myself will make you wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

We're not saying you will become a millionaire over night but whatever work the individual puts in, it will be matched by both of us to make sure you get everything you expect from joining the Binzruz team!