Thanks for choosing DrivezRuz pressure washing services for your quote on your roof cleaning needs. Drivezruz was formed in 2018 after doing several jobs on the side from Binzruz Ltd.

We decided, due to increasing demand, that we would invest in the relevant high quality equipment and advanced training. We have purchased a dedicated vehicle with the neccesary cleaning equipment that allows us to do pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and more.

Why to get your roof cleaned?

  • Visually your roof can be an eye sore, as a result a clean roof can increase Kerb appeal and the value of your property.
  • Moss on roofs absorbs moisture, and can freeze in minus temperatures causing cracking of tiles, more regular issue with moss absorbing water is that it creates damp in your house.
  • As moss and dirt gathers, its falls off your roof down your property, into your gutters or creating green slippy paths. So having your roof cleaned reduces the cost of £50-£90 each time you have to get your gutters cleared.


Methods available to clean your roof?

  1. Pressure Washing: Whilst pressure washing offers instant results and can appear great, especially to a customer who seeks instant value for money, pressure washing actually has more down sides. Pressure can damage the coating on roof tiles, it can cause leaks internally, and many companies walk on the roof which can move or damage tiles and be a massive health and safety risk. Although some fantastic companies opt to use this method it’s more commonly used by people who are unable or unwilling to invest in the correct training and equipment.
  2. Soft Washing (Our preferred method of cleaning) Soft washing is simply an alternative to pressure, using chemicals to clean instead.  This method takes excessive training and knowledge of chemicals. Causing no damage to tiles and using a chemical that kills any organic growth for between 3-5 years. This method offers noticeable instant results, not as apparent as pressure washing initially but within 16-20 weeks the process will continue to take effect and rain re activates the biocide and the roof will keep appearing cleaner over the coming weeks, whilst ensuring nothing grows back for a 3-5 year period.


Our Process:

  • Arrive at the property, set up our scaffold tower/ladders if needed to ensure a safe working platform at the gutter line.
  • Scrape the majority of loose moss from the roof.
  • Apply pre-chemical and rinse after 1hr (minor pressure will be used).
  • Apply final chemical (Biocide) as stronger mix, coating the roof enough to allow the process to take its course over the coming weeks.
  • Clear all the gutters of loose debris/moss fallen from the roof when scraping.


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