As of October 2017, we are changing our software! We are eliminating the paperwork system and going with an online, tablet-based software to increase the efficiency and running of the company whilst reducing our debts with a brand new integrated payment method called ‘Go Cardless’.

Go Cardless is very simple to use, simply set up and account in less than 5 mins and we can let you know exactly when you’re due to pay at the click of a button, we can request the payment it’s that simple! So no more crossover on sheets where you have paid and we haven’t marked the sheet (it happens we are only human :D) we are always looking for ways to keep our prices fixed and this will reduce our collecting time, saving money in fuel and staff time, as well as making sure our customers can keep on top of their own bills and update their account themselves. Keep an eye out over the next 7 days for how to do this,
– As of October 2017, no recurring payments will be available via the website just manual payments, so Go cardless will be an ever-growing solution.

Thank you in advance I hope you support what we do and are as excited for the upgrade as we are!